Snap it, Pin it, Tweet it Day 12

Today's theme is 'Gold'

Today’s theme is ‘Gold’

I was dreading today’s theme more than I was dreading ‘the magic of Christmas’. I wanted something a little different to a close-up of a gold Christmas tree bauble. What with my priceless hordes of jewellery and my gold ingots being held in a top security Swiss bank, and the goldfinches in the garden refusing point-blank to co-operate and pose charmingly (see what I did there, twitchers?); I was at the stage of marching the children down to Tescos to track down a tin of Australian Gold Fruit Cocktail.

Then I looked out of the bedroom window.

I won’t lie, it didn’t look quite this impressive. I am a demon for photo-editing, and this snap was taken on my mobile phone, emailed to the laptop, and then manipulated in PicMonkey – a site I can spend literally hours on. I just wanted a photo that highlighted the fact that gold – like so many other treasures – does not need to be simply a thing of material worth; and that sometimes the most precious things are all around us, and we all so often look past them.



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