Snap it, pin it, tweet it – Day 11

Two ill boys today – more of that shortly – but I was dreading today’s theme – ‘The Magic of Christmas’. None of us were feeling particularly magic, or festive, today. The house looks more Waynetta Slob than Martha Stewart, Fin has half his face hanging off thanks to a nose-dive/skid combo off his bed and onto the bedroom carpet, and Ellis has succumbed – once again – to the dreaded Strep. We had just come out of the chemist clutching our 4535th bottle of somethingocillin, when something magical happened:


They stopped dead.

‘Jesus!’ Fin breathed, and clutched his brother’s hand tightly. ‘In the ranger‘.

I didn’t correct him. I just smiled, stood back, and took a photo. A photo of two brothers, two little boys, gazing wide-eyed at the image of another little boy.



2 thoughts on “Snap it, pin it, tweet it – Day 11

  1. Heather says:

    pml!!! I got an email today telling me that Daughter’s school Janny is off to another job. His name is Jesus and his last day is next week. LMAO again!!!

  2. Hahahaha! I hope they give him a decent leaving present, and none of this myrrh shite.

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