Snap it, Pin it, Tweet it – Day 9 and 10

As yesterday was Silent Sunday, the idea of which is to publish just a single photograph with no words, and to allow your readers to interpret the significance of the photo for themselves, it did not seem appropriate to publish yesterday’s Snap it, Pin it, Tweet it photo.

So here are yesterday, and today’s photos:

Day 9 - Theme 'Glitter'

Day 9 – Theme ‘Glitter’


Day 10 - Theme 'Bags'

Day 10 – Theme ‘Bags’


I love this photo of the boys. Ellis had just helped Fin traverse a massive (when you are not so massive) frozen puddle in a (recently somewhat uncharacteristic) display of chivalry and brotherly love – what made me smile was that, despite me standing there offering Fin my hand, Fin preferred to call on big brother for assistance. What you can’t really see in this picture is how tightly they are holding hands, and they remained holding hands until they got to school.



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