Catching up is hard to do…

I know. I KNOW. I promised myself that I would keep this blog more up to date than any of my last ones.

Once again I have failed. I’m not making any more promises. I’m just going to blame the fact that I spend more time on my all-singing, all-dancing phone (the one with the world’s smallest and most infuriating touchpad) now than I do on the laptop and, of course, that I am just too jolly important and busy to be sitting on my slab in front of the laptop screen all day.

In true beta-mother style, I shall instead bring you up to date using the medium of photography. It’s quicker, doesn’t involve spelling, and has the advantage of you, dear reader, not having to trawl through paragraphs of my self-indulgent text.

I will, however, return soon, when I shall regale you with tales of wild children, crafting, scrimping, being forty, trundling around the countryside, not growing vegetables, Scarlet Fever and the joys of Streptococcus, and whatever else happens to pop into my head.

What we have been doing



3 thoughts on “Catching up is hard to do…

  1. Helen says:

    Gorgeous pictures, Jacs!
    As far as I’m concerned it is far better to see a link to your blog when you have something to say and new info or pics to share with us … not the annoying drivel of ‘daily update’ blogs that entice you to click through and then make you wish you hadn’t as the eyes blur with boredom. That never happens with your life!

  2. alythmum says:

    Lovely pictures … but why no scarecrows ?

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